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Unleashed Auto Care presents this 2018 Subaru WRX STI,

which has received our Unleashed Signature Service featuring CQUARTZ PROFESSIONAL ceramic coating protection.

This New Vehicle prep included a host of features, including:








Initial Inspection

Prior to initiating any work on the vehicle, we begin by performing an extensive visual inspection. This allows us to identify and document the current condition on the vehicle, including:

  • Dirt & Dust Buildup

  • Body Panel Damage

  • Lose Molding/Trim

  • Visible scratches, scuffs

This is documented on printed schematics of the vehicle, along with photos taken of all note-able areas of concern.

Subaru STI - Before
Subaru STI - Before
Subaru STI - Before
Subaru STI - Before
Subaru STI - Before

Wash Process

To ensure the safety of the vehicles surface and minimize potential damage incurred during the wash process, we utilize a multi-stage wash technique involving a variety of tools and products. This includes:

  • (1) Bucket used for Wheel Washing

  • (2) Buckets used for washing the paintwork

    • One containing the lubricating soap solution

    • One containing the rinse water

  • pH neutral auto-shampoos used for all surfaces

Both buckets have Grit Guards inserted into them, which will trap and hold dirt and debris picked up by the wash media (mitt) during the wash process. 

We also blast the vehicle in foam. This gentle removes surface contamination, trapping it in the suds - allowing it to be safely removed during a hand wash. It also provides extra lubrication to aid in dirt rolling off the surface during the wash, rather than being dragged along. This prevents unnecessary scratching on the paintwork.

To Dry the vehicle, we use a heated, filtered air dryer by hand that ensures no water is trapped in difficult areas, such as under the mirrors or in small crevasses.


New vehicles are just as, if not even more susceptible to being heavily contaminated. Removing this contamination is absolutely vital prior to any polishing taking place on the surface.

Simply put - contamination is any sort of gunk (Tar, iron dust, dirt, sap, etc.) that is either stuck to the surface of the vehicle, or embedded into the clear-coat.  This contamination, if not removed prior to polishing, can cause significant damage to the paintwork.

We use both chemical and mechanical (clay bar) methods to safely remove contamination from all surfaces prior to performing and restorative or protective work - such as polishing the paint or applying a ceramic coating.

Here we see the chemical reacting with iron / brake deposits, breaking them down to be washed away. This microscopic contamination is common on new vehicles that have accumulated it during transport.

Wheel Treatment

The owner wants to make sure this car stays clean and easy to maintain for years - and the wheels are no exception.

The Summer Wheels on this car were given an extensive 4+ hour decontamination to remove heavy brake dust, tar, and overs-pray from the surface. This included the wheel face and barrels.

Once removed, the wheels were coated with CQuartz Professional, which will help them repel brake dust and become heat & water resistant, making the surface incredible easy to clean with up to 2 years of durability.

Paint Damage & Polishing

Any vehicle - including ones straight off of the lot - can have damage of varying levels across a variety of surface. This can include scratches and swirls in the paintwork or glass, embedded water spots, and holograms caused by the improper prep of the vehicle by the dealer or seller.

Prior to polishing, we measure and document 200+ measurements of the paintwork thickness.

We also mask off sensitive areas, such as rubber trims and black plastics to prevent damage.

Measuring the paintwork is vital to ensure its safety and long-term integrity, as well as to get a better understanding of the makeup of the painted surfaces so we can more confidently correct any damage. While polishing only removes a small, microscopic amount of clear-coat to level out the surface and remove scratches, it is important to accurately measure this progress as most modern paintwork systems - including the primer, color coat and clear-coat, are no thicker than a piece of print paper.

Below we see the damage in the paintwork prior to any polishing taking place.

Here, we can see the polishing process taking place - we utilize only the highest quality tools and products, along with the latest in technique to effectively remove all damage from the paintwork safely.

For this vehicle, the paintwork underwent a multi-stage polish using a combination of 1", 2", 3", and 5" pads and machines for the highest level of precision and perfection in the finish.

The first correcting step removed 95%+ of all scratches and swirls, leaving the surface almost fully defect-free. 

The second and third polish steps further refined the surface by removing any micro-marring incurred during the heavier cut. This squeezes every last bit of gloss into the paintwork, leaving a truly incredible, glossy surface.

Fully polished, this vehicle has a gloss, shine, and depth rarely seen on white paint!

CQuartz Professional

The final step in this process was to apply three (3) layers of CQuartz Professional - a world-leading ceramic coating that provides unparalleled protection against bird bombs, chemicals, abrasion and more.

It is also extremely hydrophobic - meaning dirt, dust, mud & water simply slide right off. With 2-5 years of durability, there is no question that this vehicle is protected with one of the world's best products.

Unleashed Auto Care is one of 10 establishments in Canada to be Accredited CQuartz FINEST Reserve and CQuartz Professional Installers.

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