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unrivaled gloss & clarity


Often referred to as 'power polishing' or 'buffing', paint correction removes unsightly swirls, scratches, and other paint defects to reveal a high-gloss finish with unmatched clarity and shine.

Quality paint correction on both vintage and modern paintwork requires a wide array of specialized skills. We are proud to be the leading paint corrective specialists in the Regina area.








Why Should You Consider Paint Correction?

A vehicles paintwork undergoes abuse on a daily basis causing swirl marks, scratches, haze and other paint defects that lower the gloss and clarity of the surface. Some factors that contribute to paint damage can include:

  • Improper washing techniques

  • Etching via bird bombs, chemicals

  • Water spots from hard water/acid rain

  • Road grime, dirt

  • Improper paint polishing or general maintenance

  • Objects brushing up against the vehicle including clothing, keys, and towels

Polishing rectifies these concerns be removing the damage and restoring a high, rich glossy surface with incredible clarity and paint depth. 

Paint polishing can completely transform your vehicles appearance!

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How does it work?

Simple version - a microscopic amount of the top layer of paintwork (clear-coat layer on most modern vehicles) is removed to smooth away imperfections. Various steps are taken to remove imperfections while preserving the integrity of the surfaces being worked on.

Extended version We methodically prep all surfaces to be polished by removing all surface-bonded and embedded contamination such as fallout, tar, and road grime. We then tape off all sensitive areas (edges, trim, PPF, etc.) for safety purposes, and measure the paintwork hundreds of times to fully understand its condition and individual needs for safe restoration.

We then utilize a variety of cutting-edge tools and the latest in compound/polish technologies combined with our extensive experience and world-class training in order to remove defects and level the surface. This can include wet-sanding, compounding, and polishing. Every vehicle's paintwork is receptive in different ways to our processes, so we adapt to ensure the highest quality correction without compromising the integrity of the paintwork.

The result is an incredibly glossy finish, free of swirls, scratches, oxidization, and other defects that are otherwise visually unappealing. 

Are we OCD with our work? Sure - and we're proud of it.

What every paint correction shares.

While each paint polishing service targets a different level of defect removal and refinement, they all share our Core Prep & Safety Features the integrity of the paintwork is retained. 

  • Foam Bath Pre-Soak

  • Deep Wheel Cleansing

  • Gentle 3-Bucket Hand Wash

  • Fallout Removal

  • Claybar Decontamination

  • Exhaust Tips Polished

  • Door Jam Wipedown

  • Filtered, Heated Air Dry

  • Glass Cleaning (Inside/Out)

  • Trim, Plastic & PPF Masking

  • Paint Thickness Digital Evaluation

  • Free Washing Guide PDF

  • Access to before/during/after photos

Tier 1

1-2 DAYS

A quality 1-step polishing process designed to enhance gloss and shine while addressing light paint swirls. Perfect for well-maintained vehicles that do not have severe swirls or scratches.

All Standard Features

1-Step Paint Polish

3+ Month Paint Protection

Glass & Wheel Protection

Tier 2

2-3 DAYS

Our most popular service! Transforms the surface by significantly reducing defects such as swirls and scratches, while drastically increasing gloss, paint depth and clarity.

All Standard Features

Compounding for Defect Removal

Paint Refinement Polish

6+ Month Paint Sealant

Glass & Wheel Protection

Tier 3

3-5 DAYS

The superlative choice for the enthusiast with a discerning taste for the highest quality results. Defect removal, gloss, paint depth and clarity that is truly breathtaking.

All Standard Features

Multi-Step Compounding

Wet-Sanding As Required

Paint Refinement Polish

6+ Month Paint Sealant

Glass & Wheel Protection

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