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Unleashed Auto Care proudly offers the highest quality protection products for all surfaces on your vehicle. Protect your investment - Contact Us today to help determine what type of protection is right for you.


We are proudly your Accredited CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve Authorized Installers, being one of a select few across Canada chosen out of hundreds of yearly applications. 

Learn more about CQuartz here.


Loved for it's ease of use and the 'wet look' it adds to paint, wax has a unique filling ability that allows it to temporarily hide/mask swirls, faded paint, and other defects. This is why we always repair the paint prior to applying wax - so that it is never masking, and only amplifying the restored surface.

While it's durability cannot match its synthetic counterparts, wax is still a favorite among many, and is still recommended by Unleashed Auto Care for vehicles with delicate paintwork, or those whose paintwork is an integral part of the vehicles history.

  • Perfect for recreational vehicles, or those with rare or fine paintwork

  • Premium high-carnauba waxes provide superior gloss and shine when layered

  • Typically a short lifespan (some exceptions)

  • Great for topping off at car shows for maximum gloss

  • Easy to apply and remove for maintenance

  • Lower overall protection compared to other options

Appearances:  8+/10

Durability:  2/10

Chemical Resistant:  1/10

Swirl / Scratch Resistance:  2/10

Hydrophobicity (Repel water):  6/10

Appearances:  7/10

Durability:  4+/10

Chemical Resistant:  5/10

Swirl / Scratch Resistance:  3/10

Hydrophobicity (Repel water):  7-8+/10

  • Affordable option for daily-driven vehicles

  • Strong hydrophobic properties - water beads and sheets easier

  • Surfaces stay cleaner, longer

  • Moderate lifespan, up to 6 months during warm climate

  • Glass-like gloss

  • Adds chemical resistance for bugs, bird droppings, and environmental fallout

With durability that far exceeds most traditional waxes, synthetic sealants add chemical resistance and increased hydrophobic properties to the surfaces they are applied to. This allows them to repel water, dirt, and contamination much better than a wax - leaving a glass-like gloss to the many surfaces they can be applied to, such as paint, glass, wheels, trim and more.

A popular choice among enthusiasts for its ease of use, fast and versatile application methods, and months of durability - sealants are increasingly popular for all the right reasons.

Sealants (Si02, Silica)

Appearances:  10/10

Durability:  10/10

Chemical Resistant:  10/10

Swirl / Scratch Resistance:  10/10

Hydrophobicity (Repel water):  10/10

Coatings (Ceramic, Glass, etc.)

Introduced to the North American market only a handful of years ago, nano-based coatings are quickly becoming the most popular form of protection for many vehicle surfaces. 

With durability up to 10 years, these products form a bond to the surface they are applied to, providing the best in abrasion resistance, hydrophobics, self-cleaning effects, and chemical resistance. 

Unleashed Auto Care is proudly Saskatchewan's leading expert, working with these next-gen coatings longer than anywhere else; we are also the only Accredited CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve Authorized Installer - working the world's leading and most exclusive range of ceramic silica-infused nano-epoxy coatings.

  • Best durability: 1-10+ years with proper maintenance

  • Can be applied to a wide array of surfaces (specialized formulas for each unique surface type)

  • Extremely hydrophobic - repels water, dirt, and contamination better than any other type of protection

  • Self-cleaning effect is far more pronounced than waxes or sealant-based protections

  • Highest level of chemical, heat, and abrasion resistance

  • Unleashed Auto Care is fully certified for the worlds leading nano-epoxy ceramic coatings, CarPro CQuartz Professional & Finest Reserve

If you're unsure which type of protection is right for you, reach out to us today to discuss options based specifically on your needs, vehicle use, and of course budget. This is a service we provide free of charge.

Interested in adding your own protection? Contact Us to chat about the premium products we sell - including waxes, sealants, coatings, and maintenance products!

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