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VPS Regina (formerly Unleashed Auto Care) was founded on simple principles - provide exceptional customer service, unique offerings in the marketplace, and unparalleled results. We take immense pride in the work we do, and are humbled to serve automotive enthusiasts across Saskatchewan for over 5 years. We believe our services, quality, and support truly are Defining Perfection in Detail.


We believe that every portion of your experience with us should be genuinely unique and rewarding, reflecting our pride and passion for the industry. That is why we always offer free consultations - often on site - in order to help guide you through the decision process and find a solution that best fits your needs, desires, goals and budget. 

For years we have been providing exceptional results to our clients with incredible response by sharing the same pride for their vehicles as they do. It is because of these clients that we have remained in business - continuing to expand our product offering and amplifying our abilities by utilizing the industry's leading products, equipment, investing in training, and becoming involved in local events and groups. This is why we believe our clients are also our friends.


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We are the only Accredited CQuartz Professional & Finest Reserve Installer in Saskatchewan

Tesla Model S protected with full-body PPF & Ceramic Coatings

Elite Services - Accredited & Trained

Since beginning our offering of ceramic coating services over 5 years ago, we have seen the demand for these products increase immensely. We are proudly the only Accredited Installer in Saskatchewan - and one of a select few in Canada to be offering the worlds' most exclusive and highly demanded CQuartz Professional and Finest Reserve Ceramic Coatings.

This is why every year we attend an event called VERGE. This is the time when the industry's leading professionals from across North America and beyond verge together to learn from each other, grow with each other, and become the only hand-selected individuals to be honored to work with the CQuartz line of professional coatings. We make these investments so we can better provide our clients with not only the best solutions - but a truly professional, personalized experience and continued support for years to come.


The North America CQuartz Team - made up of the industry's leading detailers, we are a proud and humbled member of this family of elite professionals.


Local Relationships and Business Networking

By developing strong relationships with local companies in the automotive industry, VPS Regina is truly a 'one-stop-shop' for your vehicle needs. Whether this be body repair, paint protection film (PPF), window tinting, vinyl applications and wrapping, paintless dent removal (PDR), mechanical services, glass chip repair and custom tuning - we have all the best connections and relationships in place to offer you these services for your convenience. We trust our partners, and you can too.

Working with the worlds leading products and equipment from manufactures such as Rupes, Swissvax, OBSSSSD, CarPro, Meguiars, and more - we continuously test and evaluate new technologies to further enhance our processes and the services we offer.

Schedule your FREE Consultation today.

Every vehicle is individually assessed and quoted to ensure our standard of quality is maintained and your expectations exceeded.

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