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Finest Reserve


Demand Quality. Demand Finest.

CQuartz Finest Reserve is the pinnacle of innovation for professional-grade, next-gen ceramic quartz technology that protects your vehicles various surfaces like no other product can - providing unrivaled gloss, slickness, easy washing, and hydrophobic characteristics.

Offered exclusively by the most passionate and talented hand-selected facilities, VPS Regina is one of only eight Certified Finest Reserve installers in Canada, chosen for our incredibly high standards with both our quality work and professionalism.

What this means if not only will you be receiving the best ceramic coating available across the globe - but also the best service and customer experience possible.

The Unleashed Finest Reserve Experience


When Finest Reserve is selected, there is only one option for preparation of the vehicle. Every surface must be methodically cleansed and carefully restored to the highest quality possible while retaining the integrity of the surface. Our years of experience and Certification allow us to ensure your vehicle will look its absolute best - period.

Furthermore, a mandatory 2 coats are applied (at a minimum) and heat cured at a consistent 140° F via short-wave infrared lamps to ensure a thorough curing of the coating - resulting in unparalleled durability, gloss, and strength.

VPS Regina utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to ensure all treated surfaces are treated to the nothing but the highest caliber quality and refinement.

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After your vehicle has been returned to you, our commitment does not end. One of the greatest advantages of Finest Reserve is the line of maintenance products designed and manufactured in-house specifically for use with the incredible line of CQuartz coatings. Without appropriate tips and training, even the best products cannot reach their potential.

VPS Regina provides a thorough explanation and demonstration of how to care for your vehicle prior to your first wash. Furthermore, we will present you with an owner's manual and a complimentary followup wash training service, as well as a set of wash products from CarPro for ease of care in the future.

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Unleashed Detailing Report

As a commitment to our valued clients, an additional inclusion with every CQuartz Finest Reserve service is our Unleashed Detailing Report. This 7+ page document outlines the service in its entirety - including pre-service inspection notes, paint measurement values, a detailed breakdown of all services performed, full instructional PDF literature, and a link to countless photos of your vehicle before, during, and after the service.

Our reports really are next-level.


Demand Finest.

  • Aesthetics Yields a deep, rich glossy finish that lasts for years and resists oxidization

  • Enhanced Chemical & UV ProtectionNext-Gen tech in Finest Reserve amps up the protection against man-made and environmental hazards alike. 

  • High Density Next Sio2poxi tech results in a tough 3+ micron thick coating, yielding increased abrasion resistance and reducing the occurrence of wash-induced marring.

  • Water Spot Resistance Water, dirt, and oil repellency provide a virtual self-cleaning effect when rinsed or after rain.

  • Increased Hydrophobics Sophisticated 3D Nano Structure offers immense water beading and sheeting characteristics.


World-leading Protection

  • Type: Next-Gen Hybrid Quartz Infused Expoxy Nanotech 

  • Thickness: 3+ micron

  • Sliding Angle: 10 Degrees - World leading

  • Contact Angle: 110-115 Degrees

  • Heat Resistance:  1000f >


  • Durability: Up to 10 years

Installation: Accredited CQuartz Finest Reserve Installers Only.

Unleashed Auto Care is one of six Certified Installers.

Schedule Today

Contact us to schedule your free consultation and learn more about what CQuartz Finest Reserve can do for you and your investment. We have so much to share with you.

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