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New Vehicle Protection


Avoid costly future repairs. Adding protection now ensures a worry-free driving experience for years to come.

Retain Value

Adding protection keeps your vehicle in its best condition, increasing future re-sale and trade-in value.

Save Time

Wash less, drive more.

Our protection adds self-cleaning abilities that keep your vehicle looking it's best. All the time.


We stand behind our work, and so do the manufacturer's we have strategically partnered with over the last 7 years. 


Experience what happens when the synergy of experience, passion, and the best available surface reconditioning and protection come together.


Developed to protect your investment and make it easy to maintain - leaving it always looking freshly detailed. 

Worry less, enjoy more. Experience the Drive.


By asking this question, you've already stated the answer. New vehicles are just that - new. 

More often than not, vehicles arrive with a variety of contamination, swirls and other light damage. This is the best opportunity to have these issues rectified, the paint perfected, and vital protection added to retain a like-new finish for many years to come!

For the summer toy or collector vehicle, there's simply no question that carefully chosen protection will lessen your worries and keep you behind the wheel. Hydrophobic ceramic coatings mean less washing and no more waxing. Self-healing paint protection film means not worrying about swirls, scuffs, or light damage including rock chips. 

For the daily driver, lease, or work vehicle, adding protection early on means retaining a higher future value when it comes time to sell your vehicle or trade it in. Faster washing and an always-glossy surface means spending more time focusing on your work, and spending time with those that matter.

What Qualifies as a New Vehicle?

Any vehicle less than (1) model year old and with less than 1,500KM on the odometer qualifies for our lowered pricing structure as listed below. Even if your vehicle is not within this range, these services are available to you. Contact us for a personalized quote!


Paint Protection Film

Available for all exterior surfaces. 

No more rock chips, swirls, scuffs.

Ceramic Coating

Hydrophobic & self-cleaning. Chemically resistant, easy washing that last years.

Available for all exterior & interior surfaces.

Glass Protection

Repels water, increases visibility

Interior Protection

Stain prevention & preservation available for all interior surfaces

Wheel & Calipers

Repels brake dust, makes cleaning easy

Preservation Package

The best protection. Period.

The superlative protection service that leaves no surface untouched, for the enthusiast who desires the utmost care and attention to the finest of details. Ultra-durable protection on all exterior and interior components, utilizing only the world's leading products and technologies to preserve your investment for the long term. 

This service includes our Enthusiast Film Package for physical protection (rock chips, scuffs), as well as our CQuartz Finest Reserve ceramic coating which provides up to several years of chemical protection, extreme gloss (matte/satin safe), and world-leading hydrophobic self-cleaning abilities. No compromises made.


Several add-on's are also included for the ultimate in professional-grade protection.

  • Self-healing Paint Protection Film applied to full hood, front bumper, fenders, mirrors, and rockers protected.

  • Tier 1 Paint Correction to remove factory defects, swirls. Increased gloss, depth & clarity.

  • CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating applied to all exterior paintwork, lights, and door jams.

  • Wheels & Calipers ceramic coating treatment for easy washing - even with spirited driving.

  • Trim ceramic coating to prevent fading, oxidization.

  • Glass ceramic treatment for increased visibility, water repellent properties and easier cleaning year round.

  • Interior leather treatment for stain resistance, UV protection.

  • Interior fabric protection for stain resistance.

Cars starting from $5,700 + tax

New Car Essentials

Minimum requirements.

Economical without sacrificing the necessities, our New Car Essentials combines features from a variety of our services into an affordable service appropriate for any new vehicle.

This service includes what you see below - and we can add-on any other protection you may desire at a preferred rate for qualified vehicles. Contact us today to build your service based on your exact needs, goals, and budget.

  • Essentials Wash service to thoroughly cleanse the vehicle of transport fallout, rail dust, and other contamination often found on new vehicles. We utilize specialized products and procedures to complete this without instilling swirls and scratches in your delicate paintwork.

  • Gloss Enhancement Polish to increase gloss and shine. Yes - we can make your brand new vehicle look even better!

  • 1-Year Ceramic Coating added to all paintwork, headlights, and taillights. Hydrophobic self-cleaning abilities combined with extreme gloss and chemical/UV/road salt protection.

  • Wheel & Glass sealant application that repels water and makes cleaning easier for up to 6 months.

  • Interior Detail to freshen up your new vehicle - let us safely remove factory stickers and protective film.

Popular Add-On's

  • Daily Driver Film Package - Partial hood & fenders, full bumper, and mirrors protected with our self-healing paint protection film. Worry not about rock chips, scuffs or swirls! 

  • Ceramic Coating Upgrades - Available for the paint, wheels, glass and trim. Increased durability, water repellent properties and chemical/physical protection.

Cars starting from $599 + tax


Enjoy The Open Road

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