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400hp Monster


CQuartz Daily + Tier 1.5 Paint Correction

prep work

Extensive prep work including pre-foam soak, 2-bucket gentle hand wash, and a complete decontamination of the paintwork and wheels to remove iron particles, tar, and grime.

One of the most vital processes in our service, as it safely prepares the vehicle for the Perfection/Refinement stage.


Multi-stage compound and polishing process was performed to effectively remove swirls, scratches, and even sanding marks from the paintwork.

Complete removal was not the goal on this job - but the results were outstanding. Glossy, rich, deep and vibrant paint!


CQuartz Daily Ceramic Coating was applied to the paintwork to add vital protection and ease of maintenance for 2+ years. 

This vehicle is special to the owner - so we wanted to ensure it left protected. 

Glass and wheels were protected with a ceramic-infused sealant.

What is our Tier 2 Paint Correction?

Our polishing services are always customized based on the owners needs, goals, and of course budget. In this case of this specific job, the customer was not as concerned about pre-existing damage, but more about adding protection to the paintwork.

Upon inspection, it was evident a correction was required. Previous rotary hologram polishing trails littered the vehicle along with sanding marks, deep scratches, and many, many swirls.

We utilized our own proprietary techniques and proven, innovate tools and products to restore this paintwork safely to a condition that is much more desirable.


Our Minor Correction is No Joke.

Removal of scratches, swirls, rotary holograms & more.

A truly incredible finish is the only acceptable result.


Thank you to the owner of this incredible machine for trusting Unleashed Auto Care to both restore and protect it. We are truly honored.

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