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Paint Restoration + Sealant Protection

1965 Mustang GT


This incredible 1965 Mustang GT represents a unique time for Ford, when they were rushing to release the now-known 64-1/2 year model thanks to it being the Indianapolis pace car of 1964. This meant that the true 1965 model was not released until later in the year.

This was also the year the Mustang GT would make its debut - making this car incredibly special, and a very unique find.

The owner of this car wanted to bring life back into its paint with the idea of preservation in mind - as such, they brought it to the experts here at Unleashed Auto Care for a complete overhaul with our Tier 2 Paint Correction service, followed by a durable, ultra-glossy sealant application to add protection for 6-12 months.


Understanding the existing condition of a vehicle prior to commencing work is incredibly important - especially when dealing with a car that had been repainted at least once in its life. 

There are many variables we take into consideration when performing a paint restoration - such as existing paint remaining (via paint measurements), paint defects seen, evidence of previous neglect or incorrect polishing techniques, and so forth.

Gathering as much as we can prior to beginning the restoration allows us to approach the vehicle with a thorough understanding of its condition, it's potential history, and what precautions will need to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the paint.

This vehicle in specific showed signs of typical paint defects - such as swirls and scratches - but also showed heavy signs of rotary polishing holograms (caused by incorrect polishing), and burn-through on some edges (again, caused by incorrect polishing leading to irreversible damage).




Once the vehicle had been gently, yet deeply cleaned and rid of all contamination, we moved onto the main feature of this service - the paint correction. This process involves methodically removing swirls and scratches from the paint in such a way that we significantly increase gloss and shine - all without compromising the integrity of the rather delicate surface.

All edges, pre-existing burn-through marks, and sensitive materials were taped off prior to correcting the paint. We then performed various stages of correction in order to achieve the incredible results shown below. 


All photos are not edited, and show the results achieved directly after correcting the paint - showing TRUE results. We use NO fillers or masking agents when correcting, and use a special chemical to remove polishing oils from the surface once polishing is completed so we know that what we are seeing are real, actual results.


Once the paint correction was completed, we added durable protection in the form of a sealant that added additional gloss and paint depth to the now incredible paint. We added protection to all glass as well, and a satin-finish tire dressing to ensure a factory-rich rubber appearance with no sling or slime to worry about.


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