Tesla Model 3

PPF - "Clear Bra"

When we first spoke with the owner of this electrifying car, their concern was clear - they wanted long-term protection for their investment. Period.

Paint Protection Film helps prevent rock chips, scratches, and other forms of damage. It is a 'thick' clear film that, when applied, becomes a sacrificial layer between the road and your vehicles sensitive paintwork.


This owner in particular hates seeing swirls in his paint - and because our film is BOTH self-healing against swirls/light scuffs and is ceramic-coated, meaning it's chemically resistant and possesses self-cleaning capabilities


Thanks to these properties, our film is the best choice. No more swirls, no more rock chips. Just incredible gloss, depth, and easy washing for many years to come. 


When installing Paint Protection Film, it's vital to know the condition of the surface being worked on. Any dirt, contamination, etching, staining, or otherwise 'defects' should be properly addressed in order for the film to properly bond and look its absolute best.

This Tesla came in as we would expect from being driven in our Saskatchewan climate - dirt, grime, water stains, and more littered the car. 

We also noted over 27 sanding spots across the car - some which had penetrated the clearcoat. These are typically performed at the factory, and are not uncommon to see on Tesla's. Fortunately, our paint correction process and the application of the Paint Protection Film would yield these virtually invisible.



Every vehicle that comes through our doors undergoes an extensive cleansing process in which we thoroughly wash the vehicle top to bottom - and rid it of contamination that may be stuck to or embedded into the paint, such as tar, sap, environmental fallout, etc.

This ensures that when we begin polishing the vehicle, we are not risking further damage to the paint. It's small details like this that are crucial in producing the unrivaled results we strive to every single day.

The wheels on this car were dirty! We first used our pH-balanced wheel cleaner and soft brushes to clean them inside & out - then applied a ceramic-infused sealant to all the wheels and brake calipers to repel brake dust and make washing incredibly easy for 3+ months to come.

Wheels are always washed first - so once this process was completed, we then moved onto washing the paintwork, glass, door jams, and all other exterior components prior to transforming the paint to an incredible high shine with our Tier 1 Paint Correction.



The owner of this Tesla Model 3 opted for our signature protection - STEK DYNOshield. This self-healing film absorbs impacts and spreads them across a larger area - protecting against rock chips, scratches, and harsh chemicals. As an added bonus, swirls are a thing of the past with this films self-healing properties!

As the front end was protected with a different manufacturer's film installed by the dealer which is not ceramic-infused like our STEK DYNOshield, we included our CarPro SKIN ceramic coating to the entire vehicle to provide a consistent, easy-to-clean finish with added UV-A/B inhibitors which will keep all the film looking it's best for years to come.

We would like to thank the owner for choosing Unleashed Auto Care! SEE THE RESULTS BELOW!