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CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating

+ Tier 1 Paint Correction

Mercedes SL550


After seeing our post on the last Mercedes SL550 we worked on, this owner reached out requesting the exact same service.

After going over the owners needs, we agreed that our CQuartz Professional service was the perfect fit - offering an incredible Tier 1 Paint Correction to remove swirls and make the car incredibly glossy, followed by multiple layers of ceramic protection to make it easy to clean and provide an exceptional shine for many years.

When we say many years - we mean it. As Saskatchewan's most experienced ceramic coating installer, we pride ourselves on actually working with our selected coatings for over 6 years. This means we are confident in their performance, protection, and durability!


As with all of the details we complete at Unleashed Auto Care, the first step is to inspect the vehicle entirely to understand its unique needs and areas of concern. This allows us to always take a safe - yet effective approach to reconditioning and protecting it.

This Mercedes was in quite good shape - with the exception of swirls and scratches littered across the surface. There was also signs of previous 'polishing gone wrong' in the form of holograms, indicating that it was at one point incorrectly polished. 

Other contamination included tar alongside the skirts, bugs all over the front bumper, and a few small paint blemishes.



Every vehicle that comes through our doors undergoes an extensive cleansing process in which we thoroughly wash the vehicle top to bottom - and rid it of contamination that may be stuck to or embedded into the paint, such as tar, sap, environmental fallout, etc.

This ensures that when we begin polishing the vehicle, we are not risking further damage to the paint. It's small details like this that are crucial in producing the unrivaled results we strive to every single day.

The wheels on this vehicle were quite contaminated. As seen in the photos, there was significant brake dust on them that our pH-neutral, acid-free chemical had no issues clearing up prior to a deep cleaning by hand. We then applied a ceramic-infused sealant to all the wheels and brake calipers to repel brake dust and make washing incredibly easy for 3+ months to come.

Wheels are always washed first - so once this process was completed, we then moved onto washing the paintwork, glass, door jams, and all other exterior components prior to transforming the paint to an incredible high shine with our Tier 1 Paint Correction.




The owner of this vehicle really wanted to make sure that the paint SHINED once it was completed. When it comes to any sort of detailing - the end result is directly impacted by the prep work. This means that 80% of the gloss and shine you see in the 'after' photos are the result of quality, professional-grade paint polishing.

In the case of this Mercedes, it is clear that we were able to remove a significant portion of the damage with our Tier 1(.5) Paint Correction - effectively ridding the paint of swirls and even deeper scratches to reveal an incredible high gloss and shine from this gorgeous metallic-flake paintwork.


To protect this now incredibly glossy Mercedes SL550, the owner chose CQUARTZ PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC COATING. This is a pro-grade coating available exclusively by Certified CQuartz Installers - which we are the only of in Saskatchewan.

This coating provides incredible gloss and shine, vital chemical/UV protection, and unbelievable self-cleaning, hydrophobic properties that make washing easier than you could ever imagine! There is a reason that CQuartz remains the industry leader in ceramic nano-technology, and we are proud to have been working alongside them for over 6 years in the Regina market.

We would like to thank the owner for choosing Unleashed Auto Care! SEE THE RESULTS BELOW!


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