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CQuartz Finest Reserve



We love our clients and the passion they have for their vehicles - and the owner of this Camaro is no exception. From the moment he stepped in our doors, it was clear he had one goal for his car - The Best Refinement. The Best Product. The Best Service.

We began by getting him equipped with some of our fantastic CarPro product - all of which would be using once our detailing services would be completed. In this case, he opted for CQuartz Finest Reserve.

We are one of three Certified Finest Reserve Installers in Canada. Out of 200+ yearly applications, we have been hand-selected to offer this next-gen nano-tech ceramic coating, representing the top 0.2% of elite-level detailing facilities worldwide.


One of the most important parts of any preservative detail is understanding what we are working with; all the small details matter. Prior to commencing any work, we thoroughly inspected and documented this Camaro with both written notes and hundreds of photographs in order to genuinely understand its unique needs.

Our inspection resulted in a few key findings that would affect how we approach the restorative portion of the detail. Some of these findings included:

  • Paint Protection Film Lifting - while it was very small and in isolated areas, this is important to know so we can ensure we are extra cautious when working around these areas to ensure the films condition is retained.

  • Sanding Marks - not uncommon on new vehicles, we found a variety of light sanding marks and dust nibs that would need to be fixed. 

  • Swirls, Scratches - even with proper maintenance as this customer performs on the car, it's inevitable that over time light swirls and 'love marks' will form on the surface. These will be addressed with our Paint Correction service. 

Our documentation is thorough, as it should be. We complete both analog and digital inspection forms, take hundreds of photos, and compile this information into a 6+ page document that will be provided to the owner of the vehicle after the service.


We then move onto thoroughly, yet carefully rinsing any loose debris off the vehicle. We use a low-PSI pressure wash for this, to ensure the safety of any sensitive materials while still effectively cleaning the surface.

This was followed by our famous Essentials Hand Wash, which consists of a full foam-soak, 3-bucket hand wash, and filtered/heated air dry and soft towel soaking.

To decontaminate the paint (strip off any remaining sap, tar, etc.), a combination of contamination-specific chemicals along with a gentle clay bar process was completed.



The first step in any detail is to properly wash, clean, and rid the vehicle of contamination. It sounds like the logical first step - but how in-depth this must be is often overlooked, and can have significant consequences when not performed correctly.

This Camaro was well taken care of - but that did not mean it needed any less work. There was signs of environmental fallout, brake dust, tar, and other contamination that would all require addressing.

We began with a pre-wash treatment which chemically removes fallout and other particles while remaining a completely acid-free, pH-neutral product, ensuring no damage would occur to any of the various materials used to make this incredible machine.



Included with the CQuartz Finest Signature Service is a complete wheels-off detail with ceramic protection. This involves raising the vehicle on our 6,000lb rated vehicle lift and removing all the wheels so that we are able to properly clean and coat all surfaces. For this car, we performed the following steps:

  • Removal of all wheels, Deep Cleaning off-vehicle

  • Tar removal on wheels, wheel arches

  • Hand-cleaning of brake calipers

  • Polishing brake calipers for a high gloss finish

  • CQuartz Fabric ceramic coating on all wheel arch fabrics

    • Easy washing​

  • CQuartz DLUX ceramic coating on all wheel arch plastics

    • Easy washing, retention of a deep, rich black appearance for 2+ years​

  • CQuartz Finest Reserve applied to brake calipers, full wheels

    • Ultimate protection for high gloss, 800f+ heat resistance and easy washing​

  • Shortwave IR Infrared curing of all materials coated with Finest Reserve to ensure a thorough curing of the ceramic coatings for the best durability and performance.

With all coatings completed, we re-installed the wheels and torqued to factory specifications using our electronically-controlled Snap-On Torque Wrench which is accurate within 2%. Our clients safety is important to us, so we ensure we we only utilize the best tools and products. 




Arguably one of the most important procedures performed in ensuring a high-gloss finish, Paint Correction is the process of removing defects such as swirls, scratches, and light sanding marks that otherwise take away from the rich, deep gloss the surface should have - whether it be paint or appropriate plastics.

SWIRLS. SCRATCHES. SANDING MARKS. DUST NIBS. These were all found across this Camaro, and were refined from the surface(s) to reveal an incredible glossy, deep blue metallic finish. Even on a well-maintained vehicle, it's often shocking to our clients the level of gloss that can be produced from a new vehicle above and beyond what even the manufacturer or dealer is able to provide!



Every component of our Finest Reserve service must be followed strictly. As hand-selected Certified Installers, we are held to incredibly high standards with our results, expertise, and professionalism - and we find we hold ourselves to even higher levels. 

The entire vehicle was fully coated to provide YEARS of easy washing, incredible gloss and shine, and unparalleled protection that can last many years. The gloss levels, clarity, and depth were unlike the owner could have believed possible. Here is what we applied multiple layers of durable ceramic coating to:

  • Paint, including full door jams

  • Black trim - including every single vent, plastic inlets, and the entire front grill

  • Exterior glass

  • Exposed metal components

Once coated, the entire vehicle underwent a curing process using out state-of-the-art Infratech Shortwave Infrared lamps. This ensures the coating is fully - and thoroughly - cured. Added durability, performance, and protective characteristics are a result from this.

Plus, it looks fantastic. 


When no compromises are to be made, there is no other choice.

CQuartz Finest Reserve, the ceramic coating used to protect this incredibly glossy Camaro, is the world's most exclusive ceramic coating offering - offered through only hand-selected Certified CQuartz Installers. We are proudly one of only a handful in Canada to offer this incredible product.


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